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    Pricing and Terms

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    Pricing and Terms

    Post by Teresa Rowley on Thu Feb 18, 2016 3:26 pm

    We are here to offer you a fast, reliable service, but in order to do that, we need to present our Terms and Conditions. Bear in mind that those are in place only to safeguard our pilots during a mission.


    ALL transport contracts will be charged a travel fee by following a specific formula:
    We charge for a whole day in hyperspace travel; we charge by the measurement of 100,000 credits per hyper-day travel plus a day for in system travel time per item in separate locations along with the base charges listed below..
    There will be a minimum charge of five days of travel time no matter the length of the job. This applies to ALL contracts no matter what they are to include (ships, vehicles, rm, droids or NPC's)
    Example: a job hauling a freighter moved from Emmo to Kokash a 3 day trip will cost approx 1.1 mil credits or from Hutt space to Allied Tion a 5 day trip will cost 1.1 mil credit.

    All prices are fixed per distance traveled and revolve around Piloting skill 3 and hyper speed of the slowest vessel.   If you wish to calculate your costs, feel free to use the NavComp.

    You are required to arrange for all needed access through shields and entities. Any delays will be charged at 5% of the total price for every 24 hours of waiting, starting at the first tick of the first hour.

    Transportation requests will be handled on a first come - first serve basis. Express Enterprices will not be able to guarantee that any job will be started within 24 hours of it being finalized. ALL jobs fall into the queue of all jobs currently on the job list.  ALL jobs will be assigned to the closest pilot that has access to the needed vessel to complete the job in a timely manner.

    Frigates/Corvettes/Capital ship moves will require a docking/hanger bay for a small ship to be stored for the pilot.
    Express Enterprices will be required to be listed as Commander of the ship(s) being moved.  If Express Enterprices is EVER removed from Commander status of any ship being moved during a contract, then the pilot will abandon the ship(s) where they are and all credits paid for the contract will be forfeited.

    ALL ships will be scanned for any untold passengers or vehicles that may have any passengers on them at the time of the pilots arrival.   If for ANY reason (example: unauthorized passengers, non access) there is need for the pilot to not initiate the contract, any and all credits paid will be forfeited. This is only done for protection.

    Transportation requests ::
    Transportation requests are processed through Express Enterprices. If you wish to hire Express Enterprices, Contact Teresa Rowley via DM:  with following info.
    1. type of entity that needs transporting
    2. quantity of entity that needs transporting
    3. total weight / volume (if the entity in question is item or raw material)

    :: Rushed transportation requests ::
    If you're in great rush there is an option to pay 50% higher price, but in that scenario your mission gets included in the Rushed queue. All missions in the Rushed queue get finished first, before starting on regular missions.

    ALL payments need to be sent to Express Enterprices with an included message as to what job it is for.  All contracts to be PAID IN FULL unless prior arrangements are made.

    :: Pricing ::
    :: Ships ::
    (Ships must be able to be squaded, or docked on one of our ships or allow one of our ships to dock on it. This is for our pilots safety. This rule is none bendable.)

    Fighter/Gunboat: 250,000 cr per unit
    Freighters: 400,000 cr per unit
    Frigates/Corvettes: 550,000 credit per unit
    Capital: 600,000 cr per unit
    EPODS/SATS: 150,000 cr per unit

    :: Vehicles ::

    Speeders: 100,000 cr per unit
    Watercraft: 175,000 cr per unit
    Ground / Barges: 200,000 cr per unit

    :: Droids/NPC ::

    Individual: 25,000 cr per unit
    Squad: 250,000 cr per Squad
    Droids will be crated in order to be moved

    :: ITEMS ::

    Crated Items: 250,000 cr per unit location
    Uncrateding & Crateing of Items: 25,000 cr per

    :: Raw Materials ::

    200,000 cr per hyper-day per fully loaded BFF Freighter
    *ALL RM loads are figured on a FULL BFF Freighter

    :: Transportation of items ::
    For item transportation Express Enterprices will be using a Corona Frigate or a GR-75. All items will be stowed aboard our ship and pilot will deliver it to designated destination.
    You are required to assign Express Enterprices as Quartermaster of the items.

    :: Transportation of NPCs ::
    For NPC transportation Express Enterprices will be using Sprint-class rescue craft or GR-75. All NPCs will be stowed aboard our ship and pilot will deliver them to designated destination.
    You are required to assign Express Enterprices as Manager of the NPCs or Droids.

    :: Transportation of ships ::
    For ship transportation Express Enterprices will be using a Corona to pick up smaller ships or if its a larger ship we use a smaller ship to dock with it to move it.
    You are required to assign Express Enterprices as Commander of the ship(s).


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